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About Kith Treats

Before building his footwear and apparel empire, fashion and retail force Ronnie Fieg’s first foray into entrepreneurship was with something far more palatable. Being that his parents didn’t allow him to eat sugary cereals at home, he would sell the school lunch they would pack for him each morning and use the money to buy himself his favorite cereals, turning his profits into a daily indulgence. Since then, he dreamed of opening New York’s first dedicated cereal bar. He held onto, developed, and refined the concept for twenty years, and in 2015, Kith Treats was born. The childhood obsession evolved into a brand unto itself, and has since become a beloved piece of the Kith story.

Kith Treats is located within Kith’s Brooklyn, Manhattan, Miami and Los Angeles flagships, as well as inside of Kith’s shop-in-shop at Americana Manhasset’s Hirshleifers department store. Treats also has a standalone location in Tokyo’s affluent shopping district of Shibuya, which is Kith’s first permanent location on foreign soil. In 2017, Treats launched a merch program at all locations and online, releasing apparel capsules in a set of playful colors, emblazoned with the Kith Treats logo. 

Since Kith is built on the concept of “kith and kin,” or friends and family, each Treats location features a menu of rotating specials created by friends and family of the brand, including NFL player Victor Cruz, rapper Action Bronson, fashion designer Virgil Abloh, artist Daniel Arsham and graffiti legend Futura. There’s also a build-your-own option, where people are invited to customize their own cereal creation, embodying each store’s environment of creativity in confection form.