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Kith Treats Skeleton

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Kith Treats honors Friday the 13th with the release of Treats Skeleton—a trio of custom tie-dye heavyweight styles adorned with chain-stitched bone detailing. Each stonewashed, 450GSM Nelson silhouette features skeletal Kith lettering complemented by embroidered bones along the sleeves. The collection arrives in Kith Treats’ signature thematic cereal-box packaging, which can be repurposed into a candy bag. 

Alongside this festive capsule collection, Kith Treats has introduced three new iterations of its latest signature format, The Chiller. As a nod to the capsule's tie-dye motif, The Treats Skeleton Chillers feature a fruity slush bottom highlighting popular Halloween candy flavors. A complementary flavor profile of an infused vanilla milkshake is layered over the special, which is finished with a pairing of Pop Rocks and gummy candies.

The Green Apple Chiller

A Green Apple + Apple Juice slush base, layered with vanilla ice cream infused with Carmella Creeper cereal and Toffee, topped with Green Apple Pop Rocks and garnished with Green Apple Sour Power Belt candy. 

The Blue Raspberry Chiller

A Blue Raspberry + Lemonade slush base, layered with vanilla ice cream infused with Grape and Captain Crunch Berry, topped with Blue Raspberry Pop Rocks and garnished with Blue Raspberry Sour Patch Kids.h

The Strawberry Lemonade Chiller

A Strawberry + Lemonade slush base, layered with an Orange Creamsicle ice cream infused with Captain Crunch, topped with Strawberry Pop Rocks and garnished with Candied Orange slices.

The Treats Skeleton Capsule is available now at all Kith Treats shops globally, on,, & the Kith App. The Treats Skeleton Chillers will be served at all Kith Treats locations through 10/31.